“I now declare this bridge…open.” John Lennon, “A Hard Day’s Night”

Greetings, car-nuts,  gearheads, rockabillies, bikers, grandmas, punks, and thrill seekers.

Consider this the cutting of the ribbon.


Bringing you a smorgasboard of the hottest, fastest, cheapest and most expensive, most money-worthy, must-to-avoids and silliest machines known to modern man.

Anything you want to see? Let me know, I’ll scrounge it up, drive it for a few days and tell yez all about it.

Don’t like something I’ve said, or disagree? Speak up! Don’t be shy! Tell that blowhard his exhaust is full of holes. It’s the American way.

Let’s roll. Tell your ma. Tell your pa. Tell your friends in Arkansas.


PS That’s a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo in the video, a review of which you’ll have to wait to read about in the debut issue of Guitar Aficionado, comin’ at you this spring.

Roll on, doc.

Photo and video by Raquel Pancakes(c)