2009 Victory Las Vegas 8-ball $13,799

Victory puts it in the corner pocket with the Las Vegas 8-ball.

It's 8 ball in any pocket you want with this bike
You're in any pocket you want with this stealthy, hunky two-wheeler.

The Victory motorcycle company’s like a good diner; different dishes are more or less expensive, but you’ll be satisfied with whatever you order.

My little Las Vegas 8-ball—“little” in this case meaning a svelte 620 pounds—boasted none of the gravitas of its massive brother Victory bikes the Vegas Jackpot or Vision, and virtually nobody slowed down to check out my ride, but it nonetheless did everything I asked of it.

The body’s all-sleek Victory, with the company’s signature carved, curved front and rear spokes indicating speed even at a standstill. Large twin exhaust pipes look all business and provide a satisfying rumble, and no need to worry about a passenger burning a leg on them; the bike’s designed for solo riders only. With blacked-out body paint, a blacked-out engine, black-out wheels, and blacked-out bars, its appearance is cooly ominous.

The cockpit’s about as plain as an ice cream cone without the ice cream, though. There’s no RPM indicator and the sole instrument is your analogue speedometer, meaning, old-school style, a close listen to the engine’s in order to determine when to shift. Neutral, as with all bikes from time to time, was an occasional tough find, but not so much as to be a real issue.

I did not toss the bike around any curves especially; there seemed no need to. The Las Vegas 8-ball’s designed to look good and get you where you wish to go, not for acrobatics or showing off. Sometimes a motorcycle is just a motorcycle—and there’s nothing wrong with that. – Josh Max, AutoGigolo.com

Some accessories include:

Solo seat luggage rack, $149.99
Low, Quick Detach Windshield, $499.99
Windshield mounting hardware, $129.99
Leather Tool Roll, $79.99
Cruise Control Module, $399.99

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