What? I just went to get a cup of coffee!

Bless me, father—it has been 8 months since my last confession – critique – beef – what-have-ya.

Why? I’ll tell you why!

See June 2009 post–the one with spider webs on it. Everyone needs to go to France and lose their underpants, man.

But seriously—a brief recap because I know you’re gonna want to check around for some exotics, news, fun, gripes, rants, and all that good krapola. It’s a-comin’. I’ve missed you. I’ve strayed. I’ve cheated. Now I’m back.  Forgive my a-s.

*I did go to France, Paris actually, and test-drove a Bentley GT for Guitar Aficionado Magazine.

*I started publishing how-to articles at AOL AUTOS. Asked to send a photo for an artist’s rendering, I emailed the below squinty, pompous-looking photo, which really doesn’t look like me:

Now—click me for AOL’s AutoGigolo artists’ rendering!

I think I look taller in the actual photo.  Don’t you?

My mom saw the rendering and asked who it was.  And if your own Mom doesn’t recognize you…

I am off now to make some rock ‘n’ roll music with these guys; more stuff later. – Josh Max, AutoGigolo