A volcano grounds planes and some say “Excellent!


AutoGigolo, who drives bikes walks blades skips and flies, heard about a volcano belching over Europe last week, and all the flights that were canceled, forcing millions to…alter their plans.

Somewhere inside, I knew, as we all did, that mankind had done without planes for a few hundred thousand years and that it would all turn out in the end.   In fact, some of us said, “How delightful—the silence—the break in the tonnage of waste dumped into the sky—the peace, the calm.”

If your concert was canceled, if your vacation was scuttled, if you missed a wedding/bar mitzvah, funeral, I am sorry.

That said, a friend of a friend has published a short essay on the benefits of the volcano’s weeklong fart, and its subsequent grounding of the steel-winged birds.  Click below to read!

Musings on planes, volcanos and the future of transport

Happy Monday, ya’ll. -Josh Max, AutoGigolo