Auto Gigolo in Maui, Hawaii—for Guitar Aficionado.

Forgot to hang dat “Gone Fishin'” sign!

Soakin’ up the sun, hobobbin’ and aloha-ing and mahalo-ing here, there, and everywhere.  Ridin’ in a red 2010 Mustang Convertible whose tires squeal every time I make the turn into this resort I’m crashing at. Keep cleaning the car and trees keep dumping a load o’sap on it every night.

Maui’s a special joint—been going there since 1991.  This is the best trip ever, m’lady ridin’ next to me, and I ain’t even saying that because I’m getting paid to do this/write this.

Tomorrow I’m gonna get wrapped in a banana leaf, and I’m not even pulling your chain.  Meeting with this TV producer dude here  later in the day to talk about Auto Gigolo coming to a small screen near your a–.

Writing 2,000 word article for the above-mentioned Guitar Aficionado–Lenny Kravitz on the next cover.

I shall return.  – Josh Max, Auto Gigolo