20 world auto debuts comin’ up at L.A. auto show


Today, the Los Angeles Auto Show announced that more than 20 World Debuts are confirmed for the 2010 Press Days, Nov. 17 and 18.

“The growing global significance of the LA show is clearly demonstrated by the number and importance of the debuts,” said Andy Fuzesi, general manager, LA Auto Show.  Mayor Mike Bloomberg, when asked for a response to Fuzesi’s statement, farted into the phone and hung up.  Or someone at his office did.  Come to think of it, Auto Gigolo may have called the 4-year old kid across the hall.  Seriously, though—

In addition to more debuts, the auto industry’s continued economic recovery has spurred greater participation and engagement from manufacturers at the show.  Nissan and Infiniti are returning with a major presence after a one-year break from auto shows.

Several significant World Debuts are expected from Nissan including the all-new Quest minivan as well as important news about the much anticipated all-electric Leaf.  Also, Fiat is returning to the U.S. after almost a 27-year hiatus and will feature its new vehicle for the U.S. market, the Fiat 500-Cinquecento.

Fiat 500-Cinquecento, debuting at Los Angeles auto show

This year’s show also marks the long awaited arrival of the electric car era. After years of preparation and debate, final-production electric vehicles will be for sale to the general public. The show will feature the highly anticipated, first-to-market, Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf, as well as a number of other electric vehicles coming in 2011. Vehicle news will also be accompanied by critical infrastructure announcements that make electric transportation increasingly more viable.

The LA Auto Show will provide a comprehensive glimpse of the industry’s present and future as the industry transforms to meet unprecedented changes in economic conditions, environmental factors and changing consumer preferences. The result is a broad range of ground-breaking vehicles that cover the entire spectrum from high-end sports cars and wild green concepts to minivans and sedans. And virtually every debut features advanced technologies in fuel economy, safety and telematics.

We may or may not be in L.A. in November, but we’ll tell you what’s what via our sources.

Drive straight until then.

Josh Max – Auto Gigolo