Modern Electric Car Era Begins November at the LA Auto Show


LOS ANGELES – September 21, 2010 – A new era of modern, electric drive transportation begins at the Los Angeles Auto Show this November. Worldwide, nearly all major automakers have announced plans for an electric car in the next few years, and Los Angeles will receive the first arrivals in the next several months.

Auto manufacturers are looking to Los Angeles to lead the way in early electric vehicle adoption, much as Los Angeles continues to lead in hybrid vehicles sales. Since Los Angeles is recognized as a trendsetter for the automotive industry, it makes sense that at least a half-dozen electric vehicles will make news during the LA Auto Show Press Days, Nov. 17 and 18.

The first electric cars to kick-off this new era are:

Chevrolet Volt

Ya volt! Chevy Volt, that is.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

These two are expected to arrive in November and December of this year, respectively.

Several other electric vehicles will debut at the LA Auto Show, too,  including the North American, production version of Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, which those finks promised to Auto Gigolo and then reneged a few days before delivery—

and Toyota’s RAV4 EV concept.

Expected to be one of the next electric vehicles to hit dealerships, the i-MiEV model debuting at the LA Show will be wider and will also include an upgraded list of standard and optional interior features to make it more attractive to the U.S. buyer. Toyota’s RAV4 EV will use Tesla’s lithium-ion battery packs, which will be modified to become more aerodynamic. Toyota has been testing prototypes of the car, which is scheduled to hit the market in 2012.

This drive toward the electrification of the automobile has also spawned new manufacturers focused exclusively on the electric vehicle market. Expected to reveal important news are at least two leaders in this category, including Santa Monica, California-based Coda Automotive and luxury electric car maker, Fisker Automotive. Both manufacturers are expected to make customer deliveries in 2011.

“After years of anticipation, electric vehicles are finally here,” said Andy Fuzesi, LA Auto Show general manager. “It may take years for electric vehicles to be accepted broadly, but it’s undeniable that an electric era has officially begun.”

For the first time ever, too, the coveted Green Car of the Year award nominees will feature electric vehicles.

Significant announcements about infrastructure are also expected at the show. Specifically, one of the region’s major utility providers, Southern California Edison, will address important questions about the costs of operating this new generation of plug-in vehicle. Also, PEP charging stations will be on hand to demonstrate what is required for both in-home and commercial charging of electric vehicles.

As L.A. and NYC do, so do the fly-over states.  Let’s see if any of these new vehicles deliver a charge, ha.

– Josh Max, Auto Gigolo