New law punishes inattentive, incompetent drivers who kill


In the circle of auto pundits  I travel in, many  say “crashes” instead of  “accidents” because “accident” implies a circumstance out of the driver’s control,  rather than what usually causes highway crashes—driver error, inattention or incompetence.

How many hundreds of millions of drivers are there out there on the road—and what sort of testing do we require to judge competence?  Exactly one road test, and no follow-up test, except for eyesight, our entire lives—not in a year, not in ten years, not in fifty years.  Don’t we also need tests for hearing, reflexes, ability to respond to emergency situations?

How seriously, then, do we currently take vehicular manslaughter? Not very.

Hayley and Diego’s Law, reported below by the NY Daily News,  may not save any lives in the short term, but it’s another affirmative step in sending the message that the government, responsible for issuing licenses to drive, is taking vehicular incompetence and inattention as seriously as driving while impaired/drunk.

The NY Daily News reports.

– Josh Max, Auto Gigolo