No Phone And A Crap Motel – And Loving It.

I was driving upstate to a 2-day auto media event and realized, about ten miles into the trip, that I’d forgotten my iPhone.

Highway Braking

I’d remembered the guitar, the suitcase, the camera, the bottle of water, the laptop, the suit jacket. Not the phone.

“I’m not goin’ back for that crizzap,” I said to no one.  I was late. Horrifically, stupidly, inconsiderately late.  I’d promised a honcho I’d volunteer some help and would be there by 11.  Not tying tourniquets on bleeding people’s limbs. Just helping here and there, another body.

But hell with it. Late and no phone and the hell with it.

You get like that sometimes. One moment you’re Mr. or Ms. Citizen of the world, a friend to all, benevolent, looking to see where you can help, calm, patient, sober, even-keeled.

Next moment – hell with it.

Most of the time, it’s somewhere in between.

I finally got to the event at 4:45. I’d pulled over at Sloatsburg to send an iPad message that I’d be late. But Sloatsburg’s internet connection is suck-o, so nothing got through.

Apologized to guy running the event and it turned out he’d forgotten I was coming at all. At that point everything was wrapping up and everyone was to head to the $150 hotel for dinner, sleep, then to the track the next day for test-drives.

I found a broken-down motel near the track to stay in for $50. Drove to the shmancy hotel, had my dinner, made the rounds, avoided those I didn’t wish to see, then drove back to crap joint.


I haven’t slept better in months. (I almost typed “moths.”)

Here’s the video I made about the beauty of a cheap, clean joint.