When Your Car Is Surrounded By Angry Motorcycles

There was a post here yesterday commenting on the recent incident in Manhattan where a man who was driving on the West Side Highway was chased and attacked by a vicious mob on motorcycles.

I posted what was basically a “How To Avoid Having This Happen To You When You’re Driving” thing.

Up until very recently, I had lived a very short distance from where this incident took place, and have had to deal, as everyone in the neighborhood has, with vicious children in adult bodies on motorcycles who have no respect for anyone and who look for trouble.  I am also a professional biker of 12 years, and a professional driver of 13 years. (Before that, I drove, but it wasn’t professional.)

There are buttheads on bikes and buttheads in cars.

There are buttheads.

I’ve been surrounded by motorcycles on this same highway while driving, and I have been on a motorcycle and had angry, stupid drivers attempt to run me off the road.

That said –

I do not in any way condone what these criminals did.

Out of respect for the man, who is gravely injured, I have deleted yesterday’s post. Perhaps in time, I’ll be able to ask this man myself if he has any advice for people in similar situations. Right now, it’s too soon.

I regret implying that the victim was to blame, and I again wish him and his family a speedy recovery.


– Josh Max