Texting And Driving Are Here To Stay – For Now.


14 million people have now viewed this anti-texting video produced by Volkswagen.

Does anyone think this (obviously set up) video is going to pry a chronic driver/texter away from their phone, for more than a day?

Are we going to take texting while driving as seriously as driving while intoxicated or impaired? Are we going to make it a crime that will cost you the suspension of your license, a $5,000 fine and a mandatory year in jail?

Is the anti text-and-drive movement the next “Just Say No?” campaign, or abstinence pledges?

Just say no


The answers to the above questions are: No, we’re not going to make texting and driving a felony. Not yet. Some rich or powerful person is going to have to lose a son or daughter, and personally make it their crusade to make it a crime. Not saying I’m looking forward to that.

The answer to the second question is yes, the “scared straight” video movement is lame.

We accept something like 40,000 deaths on the highway in the United States every year. The figure has dropped in recent years due to safety measures taken by the industry – and also the mandatory use of seat belts nationwide.

We don’t teach our drivers to drive, however. We don’t teach them how to steer out of a skid, how to drive with kids in the back or a screaming spouse in the passenger seat, when they’re late, when they’re severely tired, when they’re angry or depressed, and the list goes on.

We teach them to parallel park and to signal before the turn and a couple of other things. If they can do that, we give them a license and turn ’em loose on the highway.

Our entire approach to highway safety is reactive, not proactive.

You want to get serious about reducing the appalling carnage on the highway? No “Reefer Madness” video needed.

Just make it harder to get a license. Require some serious training, and a road test more than once in your life.  Let’s look at the whole scope of how we teach people to operate a vehicle without destroying a life, or multiple lives, including because of texting while driving.

Until then, it’s –


-Josh Max, Auto Gigolo