Going To A Wedding, Guy? Check Out The Groomsman Suit.

The Groomsman Suit is aimed largely at men who are “headin’ to a weddin’.” But since no one we knew was getting married in the near-future, we left our house late one evening wearing a blue Groomsman jacket on our freshly-washed self, black slacks and blue suede boots topping us off. We aimed at a local dive bar where we played some music onstage, saw friends, danced with friend Erin and shot pool.


How’d it go? Great. We got treated better at the bar. We felt like man, not a kid. Life was a beautiful song this evening. Thumbs-up.

What’s the “Groomsman Suit,” exactly?

Kickstarted to solvency a mere 10 months ago, the Groomsman Suit has only seen their fortunes rise as men of taste flock to their no-nonsense, not-so-expensive, stylish jackets, pants and more. Monthly sales have almost tripled since May 2016 and the company expects to sell over 500 suits by the end of the year.


Every guy thinks “black” for nuptials, but a blue tux or equivalent gets you major styling cred without showing up the groom – or, hey, maybe he wears one too.  That’s why our money’s on this spunky, funky new company, and yours should be too.

The Groomsman Suit