Arnold Palmer’s 1964 Club Sells For Unprecedented Sum At Auction

Arnold-PalmerPsst! Want to buy an Odyssey Golf Putter? Only $229.99. 

Want the late golf legend Arnold Potter’s lucky putter, used to win him the 1964 masters?

Too late. It sold today for the record-setting price – for a putter – of $97,691.

Palmer didn’t actually use the putter much during the famous match – but he “sank a 20-footer” at the end of the historic day.

The putter’s been futzed with over the last 53 years – weights added and removed, for example.

“This particular putter is one that I used for two or three years in the middle 1960s, during which time I was fortunate enough to add some 12 or 13 tournament victories to my record, including the 1964 Masters Championship,” Palmer wrote in a letter donating the putter in 1980 to the New Plymouth Golf Club of New Zealand. “I’m not sure that I shouldn’t have kept this one and tried it again at the present time.”

The club will use the proceeds from the sale to fix up its course.