Check Out Bugatti’s $39,000 Bicycle

We drove a $2.5 million Bugatti Vitesse four years ago in Connecticut; it remains the singular most exhilarating test-drive in our history. (Although we’ve yet to get behind the wheel of a Pagani)2012 Bugatti Vitesse

Will Bugatti’s new $39,000 bicycle, titled the PG Bugatti Bike due to partnership with luxe bikemaker PG, provide similar thrills?

Like the Chiron, carbon fibre keeps the bicycle’s weight down; it weighs a mere 11 pounds, making it the lightest of its kind in the world. They’ve also included a shock absorption bar and aerodynamic tubing. The company’s only making 667 units, making this a truly exclusive product aimed at deep-pocketed fans of the brand. Customers can also customize the bike any way they wish, with leather and paint, to match the Bugatti undoubtedly parked in their garage.

Have an official look here: