Goorin Bros Is The Go-To Place For Fine Men’s Hats

Gentlemen, you know what a thrill it is when you purchase some item of apparel and people admire it for years to come – as opposed to the dear friend who, in aside, whispers: “That piano scarf is not you, darling.”

While visiting Philadelphia on the finest of spring days in 2014, we happened to drop in to Goorin Bros, browsing and coming away with this:   Red Fedora VIGNETTE

We don’t claim to have worn the above hat to the Waldorf’s Annual Charity Ball. We will say we popped it on our head and heard the following, everywhere, all the time, ever since:

“Nice hat!”

“Nice hat!”

“Nice hat!”

“Nice hat!”

“Cool lid!”

“Nice hat!”

We therefore consider our red fedora from Goorin Bros., who’ve been in business since 1895, to be one of our best-ever investments. Their favored term, “The New Royal Class,” referring to “the unique collective of people who carve their own distinct, creative path” suits us too.

But red fedoras are just one of the fine hat styles a guy can come away with at Goorin Brothers.

Witness, and click – you don’t need to be in Philadelphia to purchase; one can buy on line, or perhaps there is a Goorin Bros. near you.

Pierre Renoir, $120.00

Pierre Renoir $160.00

Gatsby Serone Serafini Newsboy Cap, $160.00

Gatsby Simone Serafini $160

Dean The Butcher, $160.00

Dean The Butcher $160

The White Rabbit, $120.00

The White Rabbit $130

Vincent Channing, $395.00

The Vincent Channing Fedora $395