Renovated B Ocean Resort Should B Your Place To Chill in Ft. Lauderdale


We were minding our own business last week at the recently renovated B Hotel And Resort in Ft. Lauderdale when a new President was elected. Gobsmacked, there was nothing for it than to go racing down to the pristine, spirited, magnificent Atlantic ocean mere steps away from our hotel, dive into the drink and let out a lovely underwater scream.


Before we knew it, life was proceeding, and we could concentrate on temporary home – the B – and a lovely home it is.


We had visited the B when it was the Yankee Clipper in 2002 and found it adequate. At the time it was somewhat overrun by spring break yahoos with whom we have nothing against but neither do we particularly seek in our day-to-day. It was fine – the ocean makes many things fine. Ask any crab.

The Clipper is history; so is the Sheraton who, briefly, owned the property. Now it’s the B, and a groovier, lounge-ier, chiller place you will not find up and down Highway A1A. There are even mermaids in the Wreck – the bar off the lobby – every Friday and Saturday night in a show called the MeduSirena Swimshow.  Other acts are featured at the Wreck, too, on occasion.


The lobby is vast yet uncluttered and unstuffy; its rooms are aimed, seemingly, at the George and Jane Jetson in all of us. Our kind of place; perhaps yours, too.


Another fun aspect of the B is its close proximity to bustling shopping and nightlife of nearby Las Olas Boulevard – and in the other direction, Port Everglades, home to some of the world’s grandest cruise ships. Yet the activity doesn’t encroach on the B’s high-end flavor; there isn’t any shouting in the hallways, nor the sound of glass breaking, nor disturbances outside one’s window at 3 AM.

If you’re like us, too, you wish for exercise during each part of each day. We got it by borrowing a hotel bike every day of our stay, venturing out to civilization and enjoying the ocean breezes, the shops, the outdoor restaurants, and everything else Ft. L is known for.boceanbike

We are waiting, as is everyone associated with the B, for the completion of their “Salty Siren” and the Naked Crab eateries/drinkeries, which look to be a gas, gas, gas.

We spent four days at the B,  we’d stay there again, and we hope to B back soon.