Bond #9’s “Bleecker Street” Voted “Smell of the Year” by Da Luxe


I got dolled up to go to this swanky club to make some music not long ago. The last thing I did was shpritz the self with this scent called “Bleecker Street” by Bond #9.

Bleecker Street

First, you should know I’m no cologne expert. I splash it on here and there because some ladies say they like it, and we do what the ladies say, don’t we, gentlemen? We’re not the one who has to smell us.

Got to the club and made the rounds, saying hello, whatnot, and soon found myself in a small mob.

A guy says “Who is that smells so good?” I didn’t figure it was me, but this strange female dressed in a can of spray paint wandered over to me, put her snoot nose right up against my shirt and said “Oh, my God, you smell good.” And she didn’t say it once; she said it a few times.

Most of you have watched the scene in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” where Clarice tells Rudolph, “I think you’re cute,” and he flies up into the sky yelling “I’m cute! I’m cute!”

I didn’t do that in the club. I just thanked her, went about my business and when I got home, I ordered 200 gallons of “Bleecker Street.”

Seriously, fellas – women notice shoes and scents, and as far as Da Luxe is concerned, it’s Bleecker Street today, Bleecker Street tomorrow, Bleecker Street forever.Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 6.00.29 PM

Here’s what one of their team said about this scent:

“Bleecker, the fragrance, is of the moment. A leading contender in that newest of scent families, the woody gourmand oriental, it consists of a) vanilla (our salute to Magnolia Bakery, next door), the pastry essential that’s also famed for its aphrodisiac powers; b) the latest edible notes—cassis, caramel, cinnamon, and thyme; c) aromatic woods that prolong the more delicate food flavors; d) musk, for warmth and sensuality; e) patchouli, another fabled aphrodisiac, poured in, like gin, to balance the mélange of sweet flavors. Result? A not-too- heavy day-into- evening fragrance with overtones of seduction and dessert.


Before and After BOND #9