Cheese Importers Is the Go-To Cheesery on the Front Range

“Cheese is essential to any life worth living.” DaLuxe


When in Longmont, Colorado – a mere 14 miles east from freewheeling Boulder and 39.1 miles north of Denver – drop by Cheese Importers. Why? Because you won’t find such a thorough assemblage of cheeses anywhere else in 50 square miles north, south, east and west.


Charming, unpretentious, elegant and family-owned, Cheese Importers does many things well aside from the over 350 cheeses it offers.


Take their olive selection, for example:olivesCheese Importers doesn’t just sell the finest of cheese, though – they are also a restaurant and bar as well as a retail shop offering  a broad selection of European housewares, linens, unique childrens’ items, perfumes, soaps and an authentic French cafe “Bistrot des Artistes.”

We’ve sat for many an hour in their upstairs cafe, wistfully looking out the window accompanied by the sound of accordions and feeling quite continental. Cheese Importers are a must-not-miss, and they ship anywhere, too.