Bergdorf Goodman’s Fly Summer Footwear

In 26 years in Manhattan, believe it or not, I never went into Bergdorf Goodmans’, even when it was four blocks away. Not because I had anything against the joint. It just seemed to me it would be full of fellers with alligators on their lapels, and names like “Hollandaise.”

But damned if Bergdorf Goodman doesn’t have some great shoes and sneaks in 2016, everyone.  Check these specimens out for your next outing whether sporty or formal. And tell ’em Da Luxe sent ya.

Grained Leather Chelsea Boot

Grained Leather Chelsea Boot, Black $795.00

Made in Portugal, these stylish, sturdy boots are made by the famous Lanvin, the oldest French house of fashion, and feature a sweet flat stacked heel, round toe, gored side inserts and a convenient pull-on style. They’re also way versatile, suitable for driving, dinner, walking around, or formals. $795

Rockrunner Metallic-Insert Leather Sneaker, Gunmetal


The “Gunmetal” style isn’t for everyone, there being a fine line between “sharp” and “trying wayyyy too hard, bro.” But worn with the right other apparel, this is a look to top any fashionable gent off, and if the ladies don’t ask where you got them shoes, you might consider a different tie or lose the piano scarf. Made in Italy by the fabulous Italian Designer Valentino Garavani. $895.00 

Buscemi 100mm Metallic High-Top Sneaker, Gold


Ok, as long as we’re going nuts with the metallic, how can we leave out these spankin’ gold calfskin leather sneakers by Buscemi? (No, not the unfortunate wood-chipped actor from “Fargo” – we’re talking about Jon Buscemi, clothier extraordinaire.) His sneaks feature gold hardware, an oversized pull loop with key and pocket accent, and the one-inch heel will give the height-challenged among us some game.  $1200.00

Guinea Gancino Flip-Flop Sandal, Blue Marine


 One is tempted, in one’s haste for the beach, to just bop into a quickie store, snatch a pair of .99 cent sandals and be done with it. But people notice shoes and watches, and your Billabong swimtrunks will be besmirched without equally stylish footwear. That’s why these Salvatore Ferragamo “Guinea” (their words, not mine) flip-flops are the icing on your foot-cake. $195

Palermo 2 Tramezza Special Edition Burnished Calfskin Chukka Boot with Norwegian Welt, Red


We’re not shy about admitting we freakin’ LOVE these shoes and would eat them if we could. Red is bangin’, first, but their non-linear crimson flavor makes them a truly stand-out, unique pair of footwear. They feature a tapered,round toe, a flat-stacked sole, leather lining insole and are high-life all the way. Salvatore Ferragamo is our baby, baby. $2,500.00