LIVE! Dead And Company, Boulder, Colorado 7-13-18

 DEAD AND CO Full band 3

This was our first-ever Dead (related) show except for the cover band, Half-Step, who we saw on Long Island last October with our ex-girlfriend and her BFF, during which time the three of us danced, danced, and danced for three hours.

“That’s it, we’re a Dead fan!” we said to ourselves after Half-Step.

We thus arranged to snap some Dead and Company pics at Folsom Field in Boulder, Colorado, when we heard they were stopping there for two nights, the final two of their current tour. We figured the real thing would bring twice as much fulfillment as the cover band. Here is what we found.


They are pros through and through, of course, despite not being known, then or now, for roaring rock vocals and razor-sharp precision 100% of the time. This, even for a novice, is a moot point. You don’t go to see or hear this band as much as you go to dig the vibe, man – and there were plenty to dig. They didn’t say much, though bassist Oteil Burbridge smiled and grooved and gave it back to the fans in front of him. Oteil Burbridge2Other than Mr. Burbridge, it was a poker-faced event onstage, an “inward” thing meant for you to absorb, feel, groove, dance and enjoy a laid-back experience.Bob WeirAre we complaining? Not a bit. The tour has cleaned up, everybody’s happy, and thou shalt dig. We grooved some, we befriended strangers; they befriended us.  There wasn’t one butthead, one buzz-kill, one jerk near us the whole time. Keyboard Jeff Chimenti 2

On the floor, where we both shot photos and mingled, everyone was everyone’s puppy dog, good vibes north, south east and glorious west, where the Rocky Mountains smiled upon the boomers, the millennials, the little kids, the infants, the penniless and the prosperous. It was a one-of-a-kind rock experience, not-to-be-missed if you have the means and the desire. Dead and Co ALL TOGETHER.jpg