Five Mighty-Mighty 2018 Triumph Motorcycles

We’ve pounded many Triumphs through cities and over highways; here, now, are five 2018 models that kick it.

2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black $13,1502018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black

The Bobber has a punch in the face of an engine (78 HP, 1200HT) and remains the fastest-selling motorcycle in Triumph’s history. (The base Bobber’s still available.) This year it’s a handsome, angry version of the bike with a 16-inch front wheel (vs. 19-inch on the base Bobber) and thicker 47mm front forks (vs. 41mm on the Bobber.) Its signature blacked-out style stem to stern is a slam-dunk lookswise, and they throw in a wee fatter front tire and a more substantial fork that dress up the front of the bike like it’s going out to dinner. ABS brakes, a one-button cruise control the standard Bobber lacks and a new twin-skin exhaust with slash-cut sawn-off “peashooter” mufflers making a snotty roar add up to an A-1 ride.

Rocket III Roadster $15,700 Rocket III Roadster $15,700All those wh0 know what this is, praise it  now; this dream motorcycle houses the world’s biggest (motorcycle engine) – a 2.3 litre, three cylinder, 2294 CC ball of day-um including pipes. Its handling is thoroughbred-smooth and you may feel you’re riding a much smaller motorcycle – that’s good – until it’s time to park or back out of a space. Its jewel-like Rocket III  pipes stand out in particular when merged with the whole machine’s blacked-out visage encompassing fork protectors, mirrors, radiator cowels, airbox and read mudguard rails. It’s everything anybody ever loved about motorcycling, and motorcycles.

2018 Bonneville Speedmaster $13,1502018 Bonneville Speedmaster $13,150The Bonneville Speedmaster shares a platform  with the Bobber and features a strong liquid-cooled, 1,200 cc, 75-horsepower twin high-torque engine. You’re positioned at a low height of 27.8 inches, making this ride ideal for the vertically challenged among us. Swept-back handlebars and a slightly forward foot peg position compliment the motorcycle’s already masculine, no-nonsense looks and a torque assist clutch and a cruise control system happily come with instead of as options. The tank holds 3.2 gallons and a there are a particularly generous amount of accessories you can add to complete your signature look.

 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA $16,5002018 Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA $16,500

We’ve never parked it on a “skinny” Triumph but the Tiger 1200 XCA is on-point; it’s a grown-up motorcycle, not a toy as some in this class are.  t’s the most powerful shaft-driven bike in this class – for 2018 the exhaust and intake have been tweaked for more exclamation when you step on it. The Tiger’s got a 139 HP, 1215 CC engine and a torque-assisted clutch – included, no extra charge. You sit comfortably on this motorcycle via its updated seat, the frame geometry and handlebar positioning. 4-piston Brembos and (semi) adjustable WP suspension stop you quickly, smoothly and safely.

2018 Triumph Speed Triple S  $13,5002018 Triumph Speed Triple S $13,500

When we wrote “These Five 2018 Triumph Motorcycles Need To Be In Your Driveway Right Now”, we were definitely talking about the Speed Triple, whose ’18 model is “engineered for an on-your-toes rider engagement.” It’s got a 1050CC, 148 horsepower triple engine delivering a sweet, linear torque as well as a new, lighter crank gear, lighter Nikasil-plated aluminum cylinder liners and a lighter battery and alternator.  A new sump lowers the oil level in the engine, reducing drag and improving weight distribution.