Bentley’s Turning 100 This Year, And They’re Offering Some Very Special Vehicles.

Bentley EBW Profile

To put Bentley’s upcoming 100th birthday into perspective, consider the world in 1919.

World War One had ended less than a year before. Sound hadn’t yet come to the movies. The population of the United States was but 104.5 million. (It’s 327,174,341 as of yesterday.)

And the first-ever Bentley got rolling.

To celebrate, the company’s adorning all 2019 Bentleys with a “Centenary Specification” package. Buyers will get uniquely developed Centenary Gold badge highlights, a Centenary Gold thread for your car’s headrest logos, contrast stitching and cross stitching and a Centenary welcome light on the car’s exterior.

Bentley Stitch Swatch

Centenary badges featuring gold accents and a reminder of the auspicious occasion (1919- 2019) are on deck, too. The gold will also be featured on your gear selector, key fob and your wheel’s center caps. A special centenary welcome light will greet passengers.

2019 Bentley Key Fob