Pushing a 2019 Dodge Challenger GT Over A Frozen Colorado Lake

Many are the joys of Dodge’s Challenger, which is why we’ve thrashed about 8 of them over the years including the Hellcat (but not the Demon.)  This particular 15-minute joyride involved a solid sheet of ice in the Colorado domicile of Georgetown for the Colorado Driving Experience hosted by the ever-efficient crew at Rocky Mountain Red Line.

2019 Dodge Challenger GT AWD 2

The 2019 Challenger had company, too – other 2019 autos at the event included Jeep’s Wrangler Sahara, Buick’s Envision, Toyota’s Rav4 Adventure, an Acura RDX, a Honda Passport and a particularly sweet Mercedes-Benz C300.

But it was the Challenger in which we had the most fun, and we were inspired to make a Droid video, cut it for you, and present:

What we loved: The GT’s 8-speed transmission runs through its gears quickly and efficiently, and you can either use the paddle shifter on the wheel or a shifter gate to go “manual.” We didn’t get above about 30 MPH on the ice, but what we noticed most of all about our doughnuts is that we really had to work to make them happen – the vehicle’s stability control handles any sort of experienced or inexperienced driver, preventing them from sliding off the road or, in our case, into a bank of snow.

We also appreciated the vehicle’s sport pedals which provided a surer grip, the heated steering wheel and heated seats; it had to be about 20 degrees on this day in Georgetown, with a ferocious wind we haven’t been buffeted by since Chicago or New York City. Available Dodge Performance Pages offer real-time stats, from engine performance to the actual exerted g-force of your vehicle.2019 Dodge Challenger GT AWD 1

What we didn’t love: We only had about 15 glorious minutes in the Challenger. But we’re satisfied that in the future, should we ever need to cross a frozen river, there’ll be naught to worry about.