Mission Workshop’s Varis Gloves Rock Our World

“I would rather drink a glass of cold transmission fluid than leave my house without a good solid pair of gloves.” Barney Oldfield, champion racer


These beautiful gloves arrived in our mail not so long ago.gloves


Mission Workshops’ Varis gloves are the company’s take on the classic, full finger ride/drive gloves of old. Handmade in California in numbered batches, they’re elegantly detailed, comfortable and suitable for cycling, driving, or looking dressed-up.

We put these gloves on, started to drive and the first thing we noticed was how very lovely they smelled, and how powerful our fingers felt in them. You know how some gloves are thick and prevent you from “feeling” the world? In our Varis gloves, we could nose around in our bag or find an item in the backseat without having to take ’em off.

They’re made from Kero Leather, one of the most exclusive leathers in the world. Kero is made from reindeer that roam free for most of their lives and are harvested in their native habitat by the Sami people of Northern Sweden, whove been at it for hundreds of years. Check out their vid:

The skins are then vegetable-tanned in small batches 49 miles north of the Arctic Circle by third-generation master craftsmen at the Kero Leather Tannery. The result is a leather that is as soft and flexible as the finest Italian lamb skin, but also highly durable.missionworkshop-varisgloves-8

According to the company’s website: “Varis gloves are made in collaboration with our good friend and glove designer Paul Wood at Philleywood. Paul has meticulous attention to detail and personally inspects each pair before numbering and adding it to the batch.”

Features of the design include touchscreen conductivity for the index finger, signature hole punch pattern on the middle finger and light palm/thumb padding for responsive comfort.  In addition, fourchette paneling allows for superior fit & dexterity and pique stitched fingers enhances the neat and classic finish.

The company says Kero leather breaks-in and molds to your hand after the first few uses – and they’re right. After 10 or so wearings of our Varis gloves, they fit us, well, like a glove, and they can be had for a mere $180, MSRP.

Mission Workshop’s Varis GLoves