This Portable Iron Makes The Road A Wrinkle-Free Experience

Most people who travel stay in hotels; we do. But being an Instagram-ham, our clothes need to be on point at all times lest we be turned into a meme.

That’s where the Ovo 150GT Portable Steam Iron and Garment Steamer comes in.ovo-150gt-compact-travel-iron-main

It arrived at our door not too long ago and after we ironed a couple of shirts lickety-split, well, we knew we had to tell our readers about it.

Measuring only 4 x 7 inches (about the size of an ostrich egg, hence it’s name Ovo, Italian for “egg”) the Ovo 150 GT is a compact 2-in-1 steamer and iron that can fit into your backpack or dresser drawer. Its patent-pending heating technology delivers clouds of lovely steam without spitting at you like some street thug.

The company throws in a water measuring cup, removable fabric/lint brush and 2-in-1 travel pouch and heat pad to rest the iron on. Continuous steam is delivered for up to 10 minutes and ready for use within a minute or less, with a power indicator light that stops flashing when steam and heat are ready for your clothes.ovo-150gt-compact-travel-iron-water-fill

And how much is it? A mere $49, a small price to pay for the impression you make as you show up for dinner with your clothes pressed, hair done, moustache combed, mint in teeth, ready to dazzle the assemblage and come away with new business opportunities and a phone number from an attractive stranger. 

The unit is available at Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wayfiar or Home Depot.