Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Motorin’ Dad

Dad does not live by machine alone; he needs accessories. Here are some gift ideas for the driving or motorcycling paterfamilias in your life, if the tie or socks don’t cut it.

Nikon Z7  starting at $2,799.95

Nikon Z7

You have a sweet ride – of course, you want photos, right? Not only of your car itself, but in the places you go, the things you see, and the people you meet. Try Nikon’s X7. The 45-megapixel, 3.2 inch LCD (2,100,000 pixels) Z7 is basically a better version of every camera the company’s produced with its super-light weight of an approximate pound, a shutter speed range of 30 seconds to 1/8000th of a second, 493 autofocus points, 5 exposure modes and a handy exposure compensation control with a plus/minus increase/decrease of 5 EV.

Its top resolution is a ultra-fine 8256 x 5504, it’s got a “weather-sealed” body so rain doesn’t destroy your investment, and each of its interchangeable lenses has image stabilization. Rather than turning its owner into a button-pusher for the sake of “doing it for you,” the camera’s automation frees you to get the body up and shooting quickly, and that’s why the pros eat the Z7 up. Its kit lens has a 33MM-equivalent focal length of 24mm-70mm. Finally (actually, not finally – there’s much, much more) its video is one of the clearest, sharpest and most vivid for this price with a 4K ultra-HD, 8K time-lapse and 120/1080P slow motion.

And be sure to tell your car to smile.

George Cleverley ‘Rocketman’ Leather Chelsea Boots  $750

Rocket Man boots