Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Motorin’ Dad

With the Elton John biopic “Rocket Man” in theatres now, there’s no better time to rock a throwback to those heady, words-and-music-rich days of the early 70s than with utterly fab footwear to jump in your car, get rolling and look fab when you get there and start walking around town.

But these boots aren’t likely in Reg’s closet along with his Donald Duck costume – they were favored by his manager, the brilliant and devilish (according to the movie, which I saw last night) John Reid. Cut from the finest of leather and sculpted with slightly pointed toes, they’re fitted with elasticated sides and pull tabs, and so are easy to get on and off. They’re also suitable for both casual and business wear.
A Hat From Goorin Brothers

Goorin Brothers Sugar Blue

Is your Dad a baseball cap-wearing bro, or a boomer who think his days of flash ended with the demise of bell bottoms? Bring him up to date with  a gift from one of the finest hatmakers in the country – Goorin – and thus be one of the best-dressed Dads when you guys take a drive. Started in 1895 by Cassel Goorin, who took his handmade hats around town by horse and buggy, slowly building the business through word-of-mouth, the family legacy continues four generations later, and for good reason – their hats are quality, plain and simple. The fedora shown above is part of Goorin’s spring collection, it’s called “Sugar Blues,” and it retails for $140.00.

X3000 Multi Dot – Superba X3000 Motorcycle Helmet $449.95


There are so many ho-hum helmets that cross my path throughout the year, but I particularly  love the X3000’s clean lines, iconic colors (like the gold pictured) and minimalist flavor, plus it’s DOT approved. With an embroideed logo, an inner pocket to store the front vent cover, removable and washable interiors and 7 sizes available, Dad’s sure to be pleased when he replaces his scratched, flaky helmet with this spankin’, stylin’ lid.

The Napper Weighted Blanket $259

Napper Weighted Blanket

Why are comforters so popular? Because sleeping under weight makes us sleep and feel better, according to medical authorities. The weighted Napper weaves stimulate the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone), reduce cortisol (stress-hormone) and give a sense of ease to help relax and fall asleep whether in bed, in a hammock or even in your car. The weight of the Napper softly and evenly melts across your stressed body, providing a gentle tactile input for an immediate calming  effect. Its yarn is naturally weighted through nothing else than layer upon layer of plant-based tree fabric, making the blanket chunky soft and highly breathable. There’s also a pink version if you want to do his-and-hers or his-and-his or yours-mine-and-theirs.