The Broadmoor In Colorado Springs Offers A Fleet of Fine New Cadillacs For Guests

DSC_0848The stately, gorgeous Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs offers a fleet of late-model Cadillacs for guests’ use, no charge. This is where we at DaLuxe come in, tasked with inspecting these vehicles and reporting our findings here, as we’ve done over the past year in Boca, Ft. Lauderdale, and elsewhere.

The problem is you really aren’t going to want to go anywhere once your bags are set down at the Broadmoor, Cadillacs be hanged. DSC_0847You walk outside and find yourself taking deep, satisfying breaths beside the lovely lake, you behold the majestic mountains, you mingle and nod to people left and right who are refreshingly chill, well-mannered (even the kids) and non-annoying even when they’ve got a few drinks in them. Dogs are welcome whether purebred or mutt, mastiff or Chihuahua. The eatin’ is sublime, particularly the high-end Ristorante Del Lago and the lower-key Natural Epicurean. The spa has a full-service gym, two pools and a masseuse named Lucy (among others) who’ll slam her fists into your back, shoulders and spine, pounding all of life’s woes out of you in less than an hour.DSC_0837

The property’s comprised of a series of solid, stately dwellings originally put up in 1918, aimed at heads of state, celebrities, professional sports stars and businesspeople, or all of them at once – there are 779 rooms, after all. One can just imagine Great Aunt Fanny and Uncle Hollandaise rolling up in their horse and buggy, speechless for a moment, agape at its majesty, as we were.

The Broadmoor